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Onsite Service - Warrentee

We take great pride in our onsite service. As Greater Technologies grows we will be able to cover a larger area. As it stands, we can only service the St.Louis Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Generally, we can have a technician at your door within 24-48 hours.

Warrantee Onsite Charge....$0 hr

Non-Warrantee Onsite Charge..$65 hr

System Standard - Warrentee

The Standard warrentee is a one year warrentee covering all hardware. In addition, systems built by Greater Technologies have longer warrentees on processors, hard drives, and monitors.

Extended Warrentee

We Offer extended warrentees for the systems we sell. One year and two year extentions onto the standard warrantee for most systems. Contact us for more information.

Satisfaction Guarrentee

We wont be happy with the Computer until you are and we make it our business to make you happy.

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