Hydro-Hybrid Solution

Greater Technologies Water Project
Hydrogen, HHO, Brown's Gas; Creation and Use

OK, here is the deal. This is an "EXPERIMENT" with prototype technology. The participant understands and agrees that they are assuming "ALL RISK" involved with the use of this technology. We will disclose those risks associated with using the technology to the best of our knowledge. We have taken extra precautions in our designs, establishing built in safeguards to protect the participants and their property, as well as the technology itself. These units are professionally crafted and with proper maintenance will outlast the vehicle. There is a little bit of maintenance, the unit needs to be monitored for water level. We will also request that the participant brings the car in for periodic inspection (local participants) to assure the installation and identify any problems with materials or components. At that time we can record mileage and consumption levels.

Vehicle Preparation

1. Have a fresh tune up on the vehicle (or at least change the plugs, oil, and filters) this is important.
2. We recommend that you utilize a conditioner for your engine such as the Z-max engine treatment at the time of the oil change. It will help keep your engine cleaner and better lubricated and that equals better heat dissapation.
3. If it hasn't been done in a long time, please take it through a car wash with an undercarriage cleaner and vacuum out the interior.


1. All funds will need to be recieved in order to obtain the materials and to provide for the fabrication of the unit.
2. We are going to need up to 2-3 hrs to install the unit. Not all will take that long but we do a test drive to tune the system to the car
3. There are wiring considerations and placement of the control boxes in the interior of the vehicle.
4. We will familiarize the participant with the controls, maintenance and safeguards

Components Included

1. The Water-Hybrid Fuel Cell.
2. All necessary wiring components
3. SuperThane tubing and Connectors
4. Gas Dryer/Bubbler and Check Valves

Participant Reporting

1. Gas receipts
2. Mileage
3. Water usage
4. Behaviors related to unit.

Once you are a participant, you will get access to the rest of the information and comments from other participants. No club to join or dues to be paid. We get the data we need and the participants get the benefit of increased mpg. Saving themselves $$$$ in the process of participation. Patent has been applied for, but I will give out the plans and all the specifications to anyone who participates in the experiment, if they request it. Ideas about improvements are always welcome and participants can post them to the website.

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