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Hydrogen, HHO, Brown's Gas; Creation and Use
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We can build a hydrogen generator for you, install it and educate you on the use and operation of the generator. This is an experimental technology and there are many tests going on. The current program being offered allows you to participate in the experiment for a nominal cost (enough to cover parts and labor). Everything you will need is included in the kit. We will be providing support every step of the way until you start recieving the benefit from this system.

If you decide to participate we will ask that you keep records of the units performance and report your results on our private forum. All resulting data will be shared with all participants and other potential participants. (No personal data will be used without consent) The BIG PLUS to participating in this experiment is you get to reap the benefits. In fact the unit could save you enough to pay for itself in a few short months, making this oportunity an investment.

The following images are links to videos that show how viable this technology really is. The more you know, the more you will realize why the "powers that be" dont want this technology to become public knowledge.

Test Results
Car Picture Description

CylSizeTrans.Fuel DistributionO2 SensorDate
42.2LAutomaticFuel injectionyes07/27/08
Test#MilesHwy / CityEnhancementsMpg.
256.4Hwy/CityGT1 Cell, Defie46.7/33.608/08/08
354.5Hwy/CityGT1 Cell, Defie48.6/35.309/08/08
452.2Hwy/CityGT1 Cell, Defie49.2/36.110/08/08
553.2Hwy/CityGT1 Cell, Defie50.1/36.911/08/08
c p d

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