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We Also Offer These
Additional Services:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Check Verification
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Products to Consolidated Returns
  • Check Guarantee Program
  • Debt Pool Purchasing

About Us

Created specifically for retail and service businesses, Check Collect USA is a leading provider of check recovery, as well as traditional collections services. Our ability to provide personal service is the hallmark of our success–we will work with you and your staff to set up a collection routine that interfaces seamlessly with your current business practices.

If you have ever received a bad check, you know there is a standard bank fee charged along with it. If the bank then redeposits the check for you, and it’s returned once again, they may charge you again! If the money is not collected, the bank will simply send the check back to you in the mail. With Check Collect USA, you can accept a check with confidence, knowing a professional collection company is in place to collect on any once-bounced check your bank returns.

Our services are fully licensed, bonded and insured in all 50 states. See service agreement for complete details. FDCPA, NACHA and HIPPA compliant.