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Additional Services:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Check Verification
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Products to Consolidated Returns
  • Check Guarantee Program
  • Debt Pool Purchasing


Check Collect USA will work behind the scenes to collect on all types of checks, from Insufficient Funds (NSF) and Closed Accounts. Using “smart” electronic re-presentment (on business accounts where sign is posted at the point of sale), CCUSA will attempt to strategically sweep for NSF funds and, with success, will forward 100% of the check face value to you.

How it Works

Non-NSF Checks are referred to as Hard Money checks and sent to our Hard Money department where collection efforts, such as calls, letters and other traditional methods will continue for 365 days from the check date. You may then elect to allow collection efforts to continue for an additional 12 months. Upon collection of a Hard Money check, 100% of the check face value will be returned to you. Hard Money check writers are reported to all three credit agencies until settlement is complete. See our Flow chart representation

Key Features

  • Submit checks and transfer funds electronically.
  • 24/7 access to retrieve check image and authorization.
  • Real-time verification database reduces risk of accepting bad checks and collection costs.
  • Upload and import files to update your in-house accounts receivable system.
  • Checks received through any remote or branch office/store locations can be deposited through one banking institution/account, simplifying bank reconciliation processes.